Eddie Lim
Restaurant Sales Specialist
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Financing & Cash Advance

If you urgently need money for additional working capital, apply for a quick cash advance by completing a simple application form.  Upon approval, your restaurant business will receive a lump sum of working capital, which can be used for any business purpose.
There are no checks to write for repato repay this.  Through an automated hassle-free process, when you "batch" your credit / debit Visa or Master Card sale, the approved credit card processor automatically forwards an agreed upon percentage of receipts to the lending company.
To qualify, you must meet certain criteria, some of which are as follows :
-be in business one to two years - the same owner and at the same location
-demonstrate a monthly Visa / Master Card sales of $5000.00
-four to six months credit card bank statements
-if applicant has past bankruptcy, it must have already been discharged.
Amount of cash advance varies from $50,000 to $100,000 or potentially higher.
Borrower can customize pay-off of the cash advance usually in seven to twelve months.
If interested, please call Eddie Lim at his cell phone 305-333-4385.
Or text your contact information to  305-333-4385.
You can also email him at eddielim@msn.com
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